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Why Outsource Kitting
Fulfillment Services?

Michael Mozney


Allowing Professionals in the kitting & fulfillment business to handle the warehousing, product manipulation, kitting, assembly & fulfillment aspect of your business!! Why not let a Logistics Expert assist your organization in getting goods to market at the lowest overall costs? Kitting and fulfillment services can often be best approached by letting the warehousing professionals handle it as they have the operational expertise in kitting and order fulfillment and can provide the service seamlessly, quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

Consider the advantages to outsourcing your kitting, order fulfillment, packaging, assembly& public warehouse needs:
    Your fulfillment services provider can quote your kitting and assembly project on a fixed per unit or per fulfillment process fee allowing you to know your exact cost for having that kitting and fulfillment service provided to you. There is no guess work in this part of your product cost allocation. The ability to pin point the kitting and fulfillment services cost will make you more competitive in your market place and drive additional business to your organization and ultimately to your fulfillment services partner as well.
    A reliable kitting provider can create an assembly system that provides a kitting or fulfillment service that is extremely accurate and quality in its final product. Logistics companies that specialize in this type of packaging, kitting, assembly and fulfillments services are experts in their field and can use past fulfillment experiences to help them provide a quality product for their clients.
    Signing an agreement with a fulfillment services provider allows you to reduce the risk of cost increases on raw materials throughout the term of the agreement. Kitting providers that have experience also have the knowledge and discounted pricing agreements with vendors that will supply the raw materials for the kitting process. Using their buying power as an expert fulfillment services partner is a great benefit to the ultimate client.
    Logistics companies & fulfillment services organizations specialize in one thing and that is providing expert supply chain management services in the areas of kitting, order fulfillment, assembly, and packaging. Allow the third party logistics (3PL) professionals to share their past experiences, their volume pricing agreements, and their dedicated to quality with your organization. The goal of providing quality fulfillment at a fair and reasonable price will benefit your organization in the form of better profitability and flexible and timely kitting & fulfillment.
    Your customer needs additional units or a quicker turn around or needs to make an adjustment to their PO, potentially great news to your organization as long as you can produce the products. Outsourcing to logistics companies provides you with the flexibility to adjust your kitting and assembly needs based on your customers requests!
    Why not pay for what you need and pay for it when you need it? Space or property can be very expensive especially in major distribution areas like Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA or New York. By working with a third party logistics (3PL) team in an area like Chicago, you can benefit from the shared space approach without having to own or rent a much large warehouse and distribution facility of your own. The strategic cost benefits to sharing a portion of a pubic warehousing partnerís facility is tremendous especially in the major markets like Chicago, Illinois.

Outsourcing to professionals that specialize in public warehousing, kitting, fulfillment, packaging, consolidation, assembly, and distribution will make your organization more efficient and potentially more profitable.

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Moran Distribution Centers facilities are located in city of Chicago area, Illinois, midwestern, United States.

Services include contract warehousing, public warehousing, pick n pack, distribution and consolidation, order fulfillment and parcel distribution. Specialty warehousing is provided for paper products, auto parts, retail, electronics and consumer products.

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