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Flexible Public Warehousing in Illinois- Chicago

Michael Mozney

The very nature of public warehousing focuses on the ability for an Illinois public warehouse partner to provide a very flexible supply chain solution to each of its customers. Third party warehousing especially in the Chicago, Illinois and Midwestern areas has grown tremendously in the past decade. The strategic positioning of Chicago, Illinois as a flexible point of distribution has allowed major Corporations to partner with flexible order fulfillment services in Chicago. Allowing a logistics expert to manage your inventory and to operate your supply chain portion of your business makes incredible financial sense.

An Illinois public warehouse partner should be flexible and allow for you to contract or expand your inventory levels at their Chicago warehouse at a momentís notice. You chose Chicago as your Midwestern distribution point as it is centrally located within the United States. It can become a very busy and important Midwestern order fulfillment point for your operation within your organization. Allow a Chicago, IL public warehousing partner to manage your supply chain! This means that you do not have to put out large capital expenditures for Chicago properties and space that you may or may not need during a given year. The ability to grow and shrink your inventory provides you with a benefit that will increase your profitability during good times and bad.

A strategic Illinois public warehouse partner will have the ability to adjust its labor force to the needs and business cycles of its customers. Insuring that it can provide each of its customers with accurate and timely order fulfillment, kitting requirements, and assemble needs is key to the success of a strategic Illinois public warehousing partnership. Again it does not make sense to hire a large warehousing staff of your own when you can in essence share the staff of your public warehouse provider. Your staff utilization and warehousing labor costs will adjust as your Chicago, IL volumes and business levels adjust. The flexibility in the shared warehouse labor approach again provides your organization with an increased profitability as it relates to your warehousing, order fulfillment, and kitting operations.

In a Chicago public warehouse environment, it is extremely important to have a partner that can manage the often insurmountable peaks in shipping volume between all of the customers sharing that labor pool at each facility. Finding a Chicago public warehouse that has a strategic game plan in place to manage those peaks is crucial. Anyone can hire temporary warehouse labor but how accurate is that warehouse labor and how reliable is that public warehouse partner. Finding an order fulfillment partner that is flexible and operates with a stable warehousing work force is again a profitability booster for your organization.

While the order fulfillment side of the labor process is typically more accustom to larger peaks, it is also extremely important to understand that you have a public warehouse partner in Chicago that can also manage the inbound spikes as well.

Finding a flexible public warehousing provider in Illinois will create a seamless supply chain solution for the warehouse customer, their customer, and the Chicago public warehouse provider. It is a win for all parties in the Chicago supply chain process.

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