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Choosing a Public Warehouse in Chicago

-Selecting a Chicago Public Warehouse Partner-

Michael Mozney

Selecting a public warehouse in Chicago requires due diligence and detailed review when choosing the right Illinois public warehouse partner.

Public Warehousing in Illinois

LOCATION- Finding a warehouse that is strategically located in Chicago is paramount when making the decision to select an Illinois public warehouse. In the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois is one of the strategic distribution points in the United States offering the perfect place to join forces with a public warehouse partner that can provide a complete range of services including: public warehousing, contract warehousing, pick and pack, parcel distribution, kitting, packaging, assembly, fulfillment, pool distribution, consolidation, and order fulfillment. Within Chicago there are also strategic locations that will allow you to get your products to market quickly and efficiently. The O’Hare corridor is the epicenter of the greater Chicago area and provides for an excellent Illinois point of distribution especially if your customer if going to pick up the products from the warehouse themselves.

Illinois Warehousing

TECHNOLOGY -Finding a Chicago public warehouse that is progressive and continues to invest in the latest technology offers you an advantage!! A strategic Illinois warehouse partner will offer you a cost effect solution, instant information for your customers, and a timely and accurate program for the Chicago & Illinois supply chain side of your business. Selecting the right Illinois 3PL with the right technology is crucial to your business. In today’s business environment it is crucial to have your order fulfillment information or your inventory data available to you 24/7 or at a moment’s notice. A top quality Chicago warehouse provider will have the latest in State of the Art technology that gives each of its Illinois customers that instant access to their information via their website.

Illinois Public Warehousing

LEADERS -Finding a public warehouse in Chicago with a great team of leaders and exceptional core values will give you a warehousing partner that will operate your supply chain with efficiency and effectiveness and allow you to focus on your core business of manufacturing or selling your products. Having a partner in Chicago that can provide you with exceptional warehousing & fulfillment services is the key to a successful public warehousing partnership.

Illinois Warehousing

GROWTH -Finding a Chicago public warehouse partner that will be flexible and allow for your growth is extremely important. Not only do you want to capability to reduce your inventories during slow periods but to increase them as you grow your business!!! It is imperative that you select a Chicago fulfillment warehouse that can adjust as your business needs grows and a Chicago 3PL that can manage as your business may hit seasonal business levels.

Illinois Public Warehousing

REFERENCES - Find a public warehouse that has exceptional references! You are looking for customers that have been with your potential Chicago warehouse partner for a number of years. Chicago customers that have increased/decreased their inventory and order volumes to see how the potential public warehouse partner in Chicago responded to the customers changes. Ask questions of the reference until you are sure you have selected a flexible partner that will help you grow your business in Chicago, in Illinois, in the Midwest.

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Moran Distribution Centers facilities are located in city of Chicago area, Illinois, midwestern, United States.

Services include contract warehousing, public warehousing, pick n pack, distribution and consolidation, order fulfillment and parcel distribution. Specialty warehousing is provided for paper products, auto parts, retail, electronics and consumer products.

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